Mixtape 451

Let’s kick off this mixtape with a classssssic Biggie Smalls remix by #Rampue and David #Hasert followed up by #Waff’s Jeyda groove. After that, while visiting a ‚Beautiful Place’ and being ‚Awake’ on #Agoria’s remix of #Sante #Waff is still the man of the hour. His track ‚Jo Johnson‘ is a dirty piece of house music… something I missed for so long.
I arrive at the peak with Kevin #Over, Stefano #Noferini and Steve #Lawler giving me energy to experience the depth of the music just before Fat #Sushi, Alan #Fitzpatrick and Chris #Carrier are taking this to the next level. Everything comes to an end when Gorje #Hewek & #Izhevski do some great rework on #WhoMadeWho’s beauteous track ‚Heads Above‘.

1 David Hasert, Rampue – Let´s be Kids again
2 Waff – Jeyda (Original Mix)
3 Olivier Giacomotto, Kiko – Beautiful Place (Original Mix)
4 Sante, J.U.D.G.E. – Awake (Agoria Remix)
5 wAFF – Jo Johnson
6 Kevin Over – Basic Cut (Original Mix)
7 Stefano Noferini, Leonardo Gonnelli – Daze Shade (Original Mix)
8 Steve Lawler – Record (Original Mix)
9 Sante – We Came To Jack (Original Mix)
10 Fat Sushi – The Groove (Original Mix)
11 Trus’me – I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
12 Chris Carrier – Wicked Night (Original Mix)
13 WhoMadeWho – Heads Above (Rework)


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